Nelson O’Neill is a Melbourne-based, digital marketing agency doing things a bit differently. Intensely interested in all forms of digital strategy, we genuinely love what we do and this comes across in our work and attitude.

In an industry where we consider the norm to be sub par, we constantly challenge ourselves, our team and our clients to be extraordinary every single day.

We believe that when you do right by your clients they will do right by you. The fact that most of our clients hear about us via word of mouth is something we’re extremely proud of and thankful for. 

Meet Our Team

Sean O'Neill


Sean’s background in Software Engineering gives our clients a unique, technically-minded edge over the competition. With over a decade of experience in the Digital Marketing industry, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. Our industry leading reporting was architected, designed and... view profile »

Karen Nelson


Karen’s ability to deliver innovative marketing strategies that consistently achieve success for her clients puts her in the top echelon of digital marketers in Australia. Karen’s holistic approach benefits from her background in SEO, analytics and web development. Bringing over a decade... view profile »

Hannah White

Business Growth Specialist

Hannah lives and breathes digital strategy. Passionate about assisting businesses to make their mark online, Hannah’s experience sees her designing custom digital strategies and coordinating the implementation for a range of businesses across different industries and verticals.

Lewis Reynolds

Business Growth Specialist

Passionate about up-skilling businesses on growth opportunities, Lewis has international experience from initial steps of start-up, to consulting global enterprises on directions of success. As a Digital Growth Specialist, the role Lewis plays includes dissecting client goals and advising the steps necessary to meet them.

Clara Crea

Digital Marketing Specialist

Clara’s ability to design and execute extremely effective SEO strategies keeps our clients ahead of their competitors and hitting their business growth goals. She is relentless in her pursuit of traffic and conversion increases for our clients, delivering truly stellar results in short periods of time.

Sam Morgan

Digital Marketing Specialist

Drawing on a wide range of digital marketing experiences including email marketing, social media and Search Engine Marketing Sam knows what it takes to make people click. Sam has experience in managing small and large budgets to help clients grow and achieve their business goals.

Amy Ou

Digital Marketing Specialist

Amy’s background in Commerce and Law makes her an asset to any client wishing to excel in the highly competitive landscape of digital marketing. With several years of marketing experience working for community-based organisations, Amy is highly inquisitive and always seeking ways to bring value to our clients.

How We Work

Our digital marketing strategies empower our clients. We’ll help integrate digital marketing with your internal processes, supporting your staff and helping you grow.

We deliver marketing strategies with complete transparency and full measurement. Our clients enjoy our honest and direct approach to digital marketing.

We challenge both ourselves and our clients, pushing digital boundaries. We’re constantly exploring new solutions, evolving our strategies over time to deliver continuous growth.

We remove the confusion from unclear reporting, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Who Are Our Clients

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