1. You feel like your existing “Adwords expert” doesn’t understand your company, or perhaps you feel like the finer details that could really optimise your account and drive new growth to your business are being missed.

  2. You’ve heard it all before, got excited, then got sorely disappointed. We’re sorry you’ve been burnt – but Google advertising really does work! Let’s review those strategies that have been put in place to steer you back in the right direction.

  3. You actually don’t know what’s going on with your Google Ads account or where your advertising spend is going. Is it working? Is it not? Communication may be lacking with your campaign manager and you’re left wondering.

  4. Your PPC campaigns are ticking along, but you don’t feel like your Adwords agency is pushing the boundaries enough or questioning results – you may know what ok is, but that doesn’t answer your questions about what great looks like!

  5. You’re interested, engaged and ask a ton of questions, but you’re not getting the answers you deserve. You want to talk strategy, conversions and ROAS but the Adwords company you’re with just wants to talk clicks and impressions.

We hear this a lot. Too often! There’s a reason the majority of our business is driven by referrals and it’s because we make our clients feel good about their advertising spends. They know where their money is going, they love the ROI and the strategy just makes sense.

We also have a few other redeeming qualities – we’re a Google Premier Partner agency, we listen, we take the time to understand your business and we’re genuinely passionate about the opportunities to optimise your account. Sometimes we get a bit over excited – you might ask us to calm down and speak slower! Give us a chance to prove what we say, you’re already uncomfortable with your current digital advertising situation – you have everything to gain from a friendly consultation.

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Does any of the below sound like you? If so, let’s chat!

  1. Do you see your competitors ads in Google and you’re curious about

    • What they’re paying
    • The value they’re receiving
    • Whether it’s working to help them grow their business
  2. Do you feel like you might be missing out on a great opportunity to grow but you’re afraid you might waste your money?

  3. Do you want to give Google Adwords a go but you’re worried you’ll spend money without knowing whether it’s truly working?

  4. Are you keen to trial Google Ads but you’re not sure how to choose an advertising partner you can trust that will have your best interests at heart?

  5. You know you need a new form of advertising to deliver additional sales into the business, but you’re not sure whether pay per click (PPC) advertising is the right fit?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above request an opportunity analysis – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. After all it would be nice to have some of those questions answered – no strings attached?

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We Really Are Doing Digital Advertising
A Bit Differently

Our clients stay with us and refer us to their business networks because it makes sense. We’re direct and we tell it like it is – the good, the bad and the ugly, especially the ugly! There is nothing better than getting to the source of a problem which is hindering the performance of your campaigns. Our Google Ads services focus on continuous improvement and achieving a rapid ROI for our clients.

We are Google Premier Partners

We’re proud to have attained Google Premier Partner status – a status only awarded to 3% of Google’s top performing agencies!

Benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner:

Confidence in working with an accredited agency +
Certified Digital Marketing Specialists +
Better adwords optimisation +
Mobile-first Mindset +
Direct Google Support +

When it comes to paid online advertising, we’ve got you covered. Our Premier Partner status is proof that we have the expertise to grow and manage successful AdWord campaigns, optimising the return on investment for our clients.


Just In Case You Missed Why You’re Going To Like Us…


No lock in contracts.

We really don’t lock you down! It’s in our best interests to keep you happy and make your account sing and that’s how we like it – no complacency and proactive management.

We measure EVERYTHING.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and we’ll get your numbers up to scratch in no time. We can’t stand lack of information and we’ve never met a client who doesn’t feel the same way.

Clear reporting with an ROI focus.

Our expertise will provide you with that clarity you’ve been wishing for. Having trouble finding an Ads agency that wants to talk numbers that make sense? Look no further – we make it our business to know how your account is performing in relation to your bottom line and we’ll set real goals with you that tie into your business and just make sense.

We make it our business to understand.

No more vanilla, standard digital advertising where your campaign manager doesn’t really understand your business or product. We get down to detail and we take the time to immerse ourselves in your business with you. We want to know the small detail – because that’s where the golden opportunities lie that everyone else overlooks.

We challenge ourselves (and you) all the time.

We push – ourselves, you, the account – we want to know what’s next and where your growth is hiding at. Sometimes it’s annoying – we get excited, you’ve had a big day and just want to chill –we’re that high energy friend that’s going to drag you out and suddenly you realise you’re having a good time!

We care. We really do.

We’ll end with the soppy stuff. We actually just really love what we do and get a kick out of celebrating your wins with you. We look for businesses that want to grow and are looking for a partnership. Our clients stay with us for years, even with no contracts – because we back ourselves.




Because we genuinely believe Google Ads works when done right!

The Opportunity Analysis. 

It’s a beautiful thing, an Adwords Strategy if you will. It’ll answer all those questions that have been niggling at you, keeping you awake at night and making you unsure.

Your FREE opportunity analysis will tell you the good, the great, the bad and the ugly – we won’t hold back! If you’re spending on digital advertising already we’ll tell you what’s not working and what needs to be done to push for greatness. If you’re not paying for Google Ads yet we’ll show you why you should be and what you’re missing out on.

Empower Yourself.

Find Out Where The Opportunities To Optimise Your Google Ads Account Are Hiding.

What We’ll Do:

  • Discuss your business & understand your goals.
  • Review your Google Ads account down to the finest detail. (If you don’t have an account we’ll review your market).
  • Identify where you’re wasting advertising spend (or where you should be spending) and why.
  • Pinpoint your top opportunities for growth and increased ROI.
  • Send you an in depth strategy detailing our discoveries, along with suggestions for next steps.
  • Buy you a coffee.

You’ve got nothing to lose and peace of mind, clarity and a free coffee to gain – why not contact us and put us to work?

Who Are Nelson O’Neill Anyway?

Here’s some cool facts about us.

  1. We’re a Google AdWords Premier Partner!
  2. We’re based in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, but our clients come from near and wide (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth).
  3. Our toolset consists of all things digital including paid advertising, search engine optimisation, tracking & reporting, content, social and website/software development.
  4. Our business is driven by referrals. People love our fresh take on digital advertising and tell their friends over coffee, barbecues, you get the deal.
  5. We work with all businesses, across all different industries and verticals. We’ve got over a decade of experience working with the smallest sole tradie to the biggest of companies.
  6. We’ve likely worked with your industry before and know things. Intrigued yet?
  7. We’re going to make you feel better about your paid advertising – just imagine how that could feel. The difference it could make!
  8. We do the work. Work = outcomes. We get it done, even if it’s hard and annoying. If you're winning then we're winning.
  9. We’re not afraid to test. Failure is an opportunity for growth. We push boundaries and try new things.


myOzeshop Case Study

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Children’s Cancer Foundation Case Study

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Want A Second Opinion?

“Sales are up, traffic has more than doubled and this is just the beginning. We now have accurate data which Nelson O’Neill are using to optimise the account further and improve margins. There is still so much ahead of us at myozeshop, and working with Nelson O’Neill I am confident we will get there faster”

- Tim Knight, Owner, myOZeshop

“Nelson O’Neill has made a significant impact to the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s web presence. Karen and Sean were both so generous with their time and helped us greatly with understanding the importance of web content and data analytics to inform our fundraising strategy. Their work has also ensured the Foundation appears prominently on web searches. We are sincerely grateful for the support of Nelson O’Neill and love the way they work”

- Aileen Boyd-Squires , Chief Executive,  Children’s Cancer Foundation

“We’re not sure how we can adequately thank you for everything you’ve done for One Girl! As a digital charity we are so reliant on SEO & SEM for people to find us and all the tracking you’ve implemented on our One Girl & Do It In A Dress websites will give us learnings that allow us to continue to grow and improve. I’ve lost track of the number of donors who have told me “I found One Girl through a Google search! We literally couldn’t do any of this without you, so thank you. You’re the best.”

- Larissa Ocampo, One Girl

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