28 April, 2020

Who is myOZeshop?

myOZeshop is an Australian owned and operated online store specialising in great quality products at unbeatable value for money. The range includes Water Pumps, Home Fitness & Gym Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Equipment and more. They don’t just sell products but also test and use every product they sell. They take great pride in their customer support service and have a technical support team available to answer all customer queries. When buying from myOZeshop, you know you are buying from a company that values its customers.

Nelson O’Neill’s Strategy


When we first began our work with myOZeshop in 2017 they had done some amazing work building their brand name and had a great ebay store but critically for an ecommerce store there was some major issues with their shopping campaigns and they weren’t sure why. They were also about to launch a new version of website and had no confidence that the developers they were working with had the right understanding of SEO and conversion optimisation to manage a successful launch.

After working with us previously on some content briefs we had built rapport and trust and Tim asked us to help.

The Strategy

  • Work closely with myOZeshop to understand core objectives
  • Analysis & fix of shopping campaign issues
  • Analyse the myOZeshop website to identify opportunities (website tracking, conversion rates, technical search engine optimisation, website and server performance).
  • Full content and meta tag review for new website
  • Full technical review of new website
  • Assisted with launch of new site and SEO migration
  • Ongoing SEO Growth strategy
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Empower myOZeshop to better understand the traffic and conversion impact of marketing campaigns, Adwords and content creation.

The Impact

When we took over in August 2017 sales had dropped 30% and Tim was unsure why. By november 2017, using the strategies outlined above, we had grown the revenue by 48% more than they made in November 2016.

We managed to lift myOZeshop’s Google Pagespeed Insights score from 43/100 to 87/100 in just a few weeks. This had an immediate positive impact on the website’s Google Rankings, Adwords Quality scores and overall sales.  

Tim now has the confidence to invest more in his website knowing that it will result in more sales and that he can measure where his sales are coming from.

“I was recommended to Nelson O’Neill by an ecommerce veteran and highly respected businessman. I had reached out to this contact after our incumbent agency was not getting any results, poor reporting and in general a very lukewarm working relationship.

One of my guiding rules in anything is: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Albert Einstein). From the getgo Karen spoke to me in English, not jargon as a lot of marketers tend to. I had a 100% understanding of the ideas and concepts she was throwing at me and in turn I had full confidence in what Nelson O’Neill would deliver. Everything was crystal clear, which as a business owner is very reassuring.

In a relatively short space of time our relationship has grown and Nelson O’Neill now manage pretty much all of our digital marketing and website development. They handled a huge site migration to magento brilliantly and I am convinced that had we not been working prior to the migration it would have been a complete disaster. I recently attended a large Retail Conference where a number of delegates spoke of their disasters moving to magento 2.

Sales are up, traffic has more than doubled and this is just the beginning. We now have accurate data which Nelson O’Neill are using to optimise the account further and improve margins. There is still so much ahead of us at myozeshop, and working with Nelson O’Neill I am confident we will get there faster.” – Tim Knight, Owner


Author: Lauren O'Neill