Does any of the below resonate with you?

You’re already spending time and money on digital marketing? Good move! If any of the below resonates with you don’t worry because eCommerce is our jam and we’ll get your strategy singing in tune.* *Disclaimer: lame jokes, laughs and awesome results ahead!

  1. You’re spending money and you have no idea if it’s working. ROI? What ROI – you don’t know what’s going on and it’s keeping you up at night. Your money could probably be better spent.

  2. Things are going okay – you think – but you didn’t start this business to cruise along in mediocre land, you want great, no actually incredible! What sales are you missing out on because your agency isn’t pushing for better results or being more proactive?

  3. You’re nailing one aspect of digital – maybe doing amazing in fact! Facebook? Google Ads? You’ve got it figured out. You feel like you’ve reached the ceiling – you want to experience further greatness but you’re not sure what’s next. You know there’s more you could be doing, but what?!

  4. You’re not in a loving partnership with your agency. They’re slow or uncommunicative and you’re frustrated and uneasy. They bill you, you get a report you don’t really understand and the cycle continues next month. Is this as good as it gets? You’ve got a roving eye – and rightly so!

  5. You’re managing your digital strategy yourself and you’re killing it! But is being a digital marketing guru really what you should be doing with your time? Working in your business prevents you from working on it – the opportunity cost of where your time is spent is becoming too great – you need a better solution.

Enough is enough! Stop stressing – take action and do something. We know change can be scary at first but soon it will feel amazing.

We’re offering you free advice! We’ll take a look at your website and data and tell you what’s up. We won’t hold back – you’ll get the good, the bad and the ugly - but you’ll feel empowered for the first time in ages.

You’ll start thinking that maybe we’re okay – that we’re the good guys and we know what we’re on about! This is going to be fun ;)

Let’s Talk

Does any of the below sound like you? You’re not alone.

We’ve worked with many eCommerce store owners new to digital marketing. Whilst terrifying at first, digital marketing is essential to the success of your business and choosing the right digital partner is critical to achieving the growth your business needs to really take off. Does any of the below sound like you? You’re not alone.

  1. You know you need a smart digital strategy to get your products found. You’ve been doing your research and you’re going cross eyed! There’s a lot to take in and the options you’re being sold are overwhelming. What should you do?

  2. There’s so many approaches you could take to digital marketing. Paid ads, organic search, social, email – the list goes on! You’re still not sure how it all works together to benefit your business. You don’t have the budget to do it all right now, how do you know what to prioritise to achieve the results you need?

  3. You’ve been looking around, you’ve received some decent looking quotes but it doesn’t quite add up. You don’t feel you’re being truly listened to – are you being sold cookie cutter packages instead of a thoughtful strategy tailored to your business goals?

  4. You’re uneasy. You feel like there’s more to it than just getting traffic to your store, (and you’re right!) but the agencies you’ve spoken to aren’t thinking about your big picture. Do they even get (or care) what you’re about or are they just after your money?

  5. You want to be educated and engaged with an agency that understands your business and will help you grow. So far you’ve just spoken to a lot of smooth sales guys and you’re not excited.  

It’s stressful, we get it. It’s also incredibly exciting and the opportunities are endless when you have the right strategy. With clear measurement and a transparent, common sense approach to digital marketing; we’ll get you excited about the next phase of your business.

Contact us so we can excitedly rant about the possibilities and make you fall in love with the cleverness of digital marketing.

Let’s Talk

eCommerce Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be A Puzzle

Our clients love us because we demystify marketing. It’s not a magic trick, it’s not rocket science – it’s common sense that when applied in a no-nonsense fashion just works.

There’s tons of approaches we can take based on your current performance and goals but if you’re not working on the below – call us now, because you’re missing out on sales.


Clear performance measurement

In depth reporting and analysis
Conversion rate optimisation

Win back strategies

Abandoned cart emails
Remarketing campaign (previous website visitors, email lists and win back offers)

Google Ads

Google Shopping (feed optimisation and list segmentation)
Google Search (maximise visibility)
Google Display (dynamic remarketing ads and win back offers)


Facebook Remarketing (shopping ads and win back offers)
Brand and product awareness (organic and paid)
Nurturing existing followers and converting to customers

Organic Search

Search engine optimisation
Content strategy
Speed and mobile optimisation


Increase signups, VIP list building
List nurturing (potential and existing customers)

We’ve seen it all & we know what to do. Benefit from our technical knowhow.

With over a decade of experience in eCommerce we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We know what to do and how to prioritise your budget to deliver your best return.

We’re experienced in your website platform and we will get it humming happily. You’re a tough case? No problem, we thrive on thorny problems – we like to be challenged and we make awesome shit happen.

Whether you need an eCommerce marketing legend for Magento 1 or 2, a WordPress’ WooCommerce wizard or a Bigcommerce, Neto or Shopify marketing gun we’ve got you covered.


We make your website & advertising platforms play nicely together.

Some friendships take work. It can be hard to figure out why your marketing channels aren’t getting along. News flash! Your website visitors don’t commonly convert on their first visit and often return to your site 2-3 times before making a purchase. Based on your conversion rate, many potential customers are not returning after their 1st impression. First impressions can last!

What should you be doing to maximise the value of each and every website visitor that enters your site? We’ll show you how to optimise each step of your buying funnel so each of your marketing channels owns its place in your customer ecosystem and are new best friends.

We’ll review your marketing platforms and make them work harder. We’re amazing in Google AdWords (Ads), Facebook & Instagram Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, just to name a few!

Just In Case You Missed Why You’re Going To Like Us…

No lock in contracts.

We really don’t lock you down! It’s in our best interests to keep you happy and make your account sing and that’s how we like it – no complacency and proactive management.

We measure EVERYTHING.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and we’ll get your numbers up to scratch in a jiffy. We can’t stand lack of information and we’ve never met a client who doesn’t feel the same way.

Clear reporting with an ROI focus.

We’ll get you that clarity you’ve been wishing for. Having trouble finding an agency that wants to talk numbers that make sense? Look no further – we make it our business to know how your account is performing in relation to your bottom line and we’ll set real goals with you that tie into your business and just make sense.

We make it our business to understand.

No more vanilla, standard marketing where your account manager doesn’t even really understand your business or product. We get down to detail and we take the time to immerse ourselves in your business with you. We want to know the small detail – because that’s where the golden opportunities lie that everyone else overlooks. We want to make friends with your business and get a little intimate – it won’t be weird, we promise!

We challenge ourselves (and you) all the time.

We push – ourselves, you, the account – we want to know what’s next and where your growth is hiding at. Sometimes it’s annoying – we get excited, you’ve had a big day and just want to chill –we’re that high energy friend that’s going to drag you out and suddenly you realise you’re having a good time!

We care. We really do.

We’ll end with the soppy stuff. We actually just really love what we do and get a kick out of celebrating your wins with you. We look for businesses that want to grow and are looking for a partnership. Our clients stay with us for years, no contracts – because we give a s*!# and try hard.




Firstly, stop being so suspicious 🙂 We’re the good guys remember?

The Opportunity Analysis. *Cue epic music 

It’s a beautiful thing. It’ll answer all those questions that have been niggling at you, keeping you awake at night and making you grumpy.

Your FREE opportunity analysis will tell you the good, the great, the bad and the ugly – we won’t hold back! If you’re spending on eCommerce marketing already we’ll tell you what’s not working and what needs to be done to push for greatness. If you’re not paying for ads yet we’ll show you why you should be and what you’re missing out on.

Empower Yourself.

Find Out Where Your Best Opportunities Are Hiding.

What We’ll Do:

  • Discuss your business & understand your goals.
  • Review your website and data down to the finest detail. (If you don’t have a paid ads account we’ll review your market).
  • Identify where you’re wasting spend (or where you should be spending) and why.
  • Pinpoint your top opportunities for growth and increased ROI.
  • Send you an in depth report on our discoveries, along with suggestions for next steps.
  • Buy you a coffee.

You’ve got nothing to lose and peace of mind, clarity and a free coffee to gain – why not contact us and put us to work?

Who Are Nelson O’Neill Anyway?

Are we really going to like them that much?

You’re still a bit suspicious, aren’t you?! That’s okay, these things take time.

Here’s some cool facts about us. This feels kinda like speed dating – here’s the top line but give us a chance and get to know us better over coffee – it’s our shout 😉

  1. We’re based just out of Melbourne, in Moonee Ponds.
  2. Our toolset consists of all things digital including paid advertising, search engine optimisation, tracking & reporting, content, social and website/software development.
  3. Our business is driven by referrals. People love our fresh take and tell their friends over coffee, barbeques, you get the deal.
  4. We work with all businesses, across all industries. We’ve got over a decade of experience working with the smallest sole tradie to the biggest of brands.
  5. We’ve likely worked with your industry before and know things. Intrigued yet?
  6. We’re going to make you feel better about your marketing – just imagine how that could feel. The difference it could make!
  7. We give a s%$!. And your account is going to thank us for it.
  8. We do the work. Work = outcomes. We get it done, even if it’s hard and annoying. We’re hungry for your praise – just tell us you love us.
  9. We’re not afraid to test. Failure is an opportunity for growth. We push boundaries and try new things.
  10. We like you. We’re intrigued. We want to know more about your business – how about that coffee?

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Want A Second Opinion?

“Sales are up, traffic has more than doubled and this is just the beginning. We now have accurate data which Nelson O’Neill are using to optimise the account further and improve margins. There is still so much ahead of us at myozeshop, and working with Nelson O’Neill I am confident we will get there faster.”

- Tim Knight, Owner, myOZeshop

“Nelson O’Neill has made a significant impact to the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s web presence. Karen and Sean were both so generous with their time and helped us greatly with understanding the importance of web content and data analytics to inform our fundraising strategy. Their work has also ensured the Foundation appears prominently on web searches. We are sincerely grateful for the support of Nelson O’Neill and love the way they work.”

- Aileen Boyd-Squires , Chief Executive,  Children’s Cancer Foundation

“We’re not sure how we can adequately thank you for everything you’ve done for One Girl! As a digital charity we are so reliant on SEO & SEM for people to find us and all the tracking you’ve implemented on our One Girl & Do It In A Dress websites will give us learnings that allow us to continue to grow and improve. I’ve lost track of the number of donors who have told me “I found One Girl through a Google search! We literally couldn’t do any of this without you, so thank you. You’re the best.”

- Larissa Ocampo, One Girl

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