10 April, 2020

In order for Nelson O’Neill to be able to review your website data in Google Analytics we need to be added as a new user.

To add or modify users, you must already haveManage Users’ permission at the account, property, or view level. You can add or modify users at each level for which you have permission, and can add as many users as you need.

Step by step instructions:

To add a new user:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics. https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=analytics
  2. The Admin page gives you access to the Analytics administrative features. Click Admin, at bottom left, below the list of reports in the report navigation.

  1. In the Account column click User Management. 


4. Users are identified by their email addresses. You can add only users whose email addresses are registered in Google accounts. Click on the blue plus button, and select add new users – enter [email protected]

5. Select Edit, Collaborate and Read, Analyze and Manage users in the boxes below.

6. Select Notify this user by email to send a notification to each user you’re adding.

7. Click Add.

If you need any additional help please give us a call 1300 991 993

Author: Karen Nelson