Our clients love us and refer us to their friends and family because we’re different. A breath of fresh air you might even say! We’re direct and we tell it like it is – the good, the bad and the ugly. Especially the ugly – because looking that in the face is what prevents wasted spend and frees up budget to go after the great. Our Google Ads services focus on continuous improvement and achieving a rapid ROI for our clients.


We’re proud to have attained Google Premier Partner status – a status only awarded to 3% of Google’s top performing agencies!

Benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner:

Confidence in working with an accredited agency +
Certified Digital Marketing Specialists +
Better adwords optimisation +
Mobile-first Mindset +
Direct Google Support +

When it comes to paid online advertising & Google Ads services, we’ve got you covered. Our Premier Partner status is proof that we have the expertise to grow and manage successful AdWord campaigns, optimising the return on investment for our clients.


No lock in contracts.

We really don’t lock you down! It’s in our best interests to keep you happy and make your account sing and that’s how we like it – no complacency and proactive management.

We measure EVERYTHING.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and we’ll get your numbers up to scratch in a jiffy. We can’t stand lack of information and we’ve never met a client who doesn’t feel the same way.

Clear reporting with an ROI focus.

Our expertise will provide you with that clarity you’ve been wishing for. Having trouble finding an adword agency that wants to talk numbers that make sense? Look no further – we make it our business to know how your account is performing in relation to your bottom line and we’ll set real goals with you that tie into your business and just make sense.

We make it our business to understand.

No more vanilla, standard digital advertising where your campaign manager doesn’t really understand your business or product. We get down to detail and we take the time to immerse ourselves in your business with you. We want to know the small detail – because that’s where the golden opportunities lie that everyone else overlooks. We want to make friends with your business and get a little intimate – it won’t be weird, we promise!

We challenge ourselves (and you) all the time.

We push – ourselves, you, the account – we want to know what’s next and where your growth is hiding at. Sometimes it’s annoying – we get excited, you’ve had a big day and just want to chill –we’re that high energy friend that’s going to drag you out and suddenly you realise you’re having a good time!

We care. We really do.

We’ll end with the soppy stuff. We actually just really love what we do and get a kick out of celebrating your wins with you. We look for businesses that want to grow and are looking for a partnership. Our clients stay with us for years, no contracts – because we give a s*!# and try hard.




Firstly, stop being so suspicious. We’re the good guys remember?

The Opportunity Analysis. *Cue epic music

It’s a beautiful thing, an Adwords Strategy if you will. It’ll answer all those questions that have been niggling at you, keeping you awake at night and making you grumpy.

Your FREE opportunity analysis will tell you the good, the great, the bad and the ugly – we won’t hold back! If you’re spending on digital advertising already we’ll tell you what’s not working and what needs to be done to ensure your Google Ads are optimised. If you’re not paying for Google Ads yet we’ll show you why you should be and what you’re missing out on as well as assisting with your Google Ads set up.

Empower Yourself.

Find Out Where The Opportunities To Optimise Your Google Ads Account Are Hiding.

What We’ll Do:

  • Discuss your business & understand your goals.
  • Review your Google Ads account down to the finest detail. (If you don’t have an account we’ll review your market).
  • Identify where you’re wasting advertising spend (or where you should be spending) and why.
  • Pinpoint your top opportunities for growth and increased ROI.
  • Send you an in depth strategy detailing our discoveries, along with suggestions for next steps.
  • Buy you a coffee.

You’ve got nothing to lose and peace of mind, clarity and a free coffee to gain – why not contact us and put us to work?

Who Are Nelson O’Neill Anyway?

Are we really going to like them that much?

You’re still a bit suspicious, aren’t you?! That’s okay, these things take time.

Here’s some cool facts about us. This feels kinda like speed dating – here’s the top line but give us a chance and get to know us better over coffee – it’s our shout 😉

  1. We’re a Google AdWords Premier Partner!
  2. We’re based in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, but our clients come from near and wide (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Perth).
  3. Our toolset consists of all things digital including paid advertising (Google PPC services), search engine optimisation, tracking & reporting, content, social and website/software development.
  4. Our business is driven by referrals. People love our fresh take on digital advertising and tell their friends over coffee, barbeques, you get the deal.
  5. We work with all businesses, across all different industries and verticals. We’ve got over a decade of experience working with the smallest sole tradie to the biggest of companies.
  6. We’ve likely worked with your industry before and know things. Intrigued yet?
  7. We’re going to make you feel better about your paid advertising – just imagine how that could feel. The difference it could make!
  8. We give a s%$!. And your Google Ads account is going to thank us for it.
  9. We do the work. Work outcomes. We get it done, even if it’s hard and annoying. We’re hungry for your praise – just tell us you love us.
  10. We’re not afraid to test. Failure is an opportunity for growth. We push boundaries and try new things.
  11. We like you. We’re intrigued. We want to know more about your business – how about that coffee?
The team at Nelson O’Neil are professional, knowledgeable and high performing with SEO, Google Ads & Social Media Marketing. It is very hard these days to find such a transparent and hard working team that KNOWS what they are doing.
John Yaacoub
John Yaacoub
01:33 24 Aug 21
Fantastic service and fast results. After years of trying to navigate the world on digital marketing with only moderate success and a lot of stress, jumping over to Nelson O’Neill who came highly recommended was a no brainer. They fixed many complex issues, stayed in contact with regular updates and thought outside the box to get us the most value from our campaigns. Very highly recommended.
Aquatic Supplies
Aquatic Supplies
01:14 15 Jul 21
Super helpful team, attentive, quick communication. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nelson O’Neill to anyone looking for assistance with online marketing.
Gavin Clarke
Gavin Clarke
03:16 07 Jul 21
My experience with Nelson O’Neill has been nothing short of positive. They are understanding, responsive, flexible, adapting, professional & brilliant at what they do. I will give my highest recommendation to a business who is looking for a partner, not a profiteer to manage their SEO & Paid ads campaigns. To Nelson O’Neill – keep it up. A business truly worth reaching out to.
Michael Dalziel
Michael Dalziel
04:43 29 Oct 20
I cannot recommend The Nelson O Neill enough!! These guys are the baddest on the planet. The whole team are incredibly friendly, professional and inviting. I now have a great team thanks to the amazing work of Atusa, Fiona and Sam. These guys are the Google Ninjas, they walked me through every step explaining the strategy and the steps taken to achieving my goals. They are available to bounce ideas and hear concerns whenever you need. The end result completely exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier!
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen
00:41 28 Oct 20
Whenever I am asked who I use for all of my digital marketing for my business Tammy Lobato Wigs, I proudly recommend Nelson O’Neill. They are completely responsible for a massive shift upwards in terms of my online presence and ability to be found by my potential clients. Through their expertise and true passion to improve the business of their clients, their work on my Google Adwords, my SEO and general marketing advice has seen my business grow to the point of significant expansion which I genuinely and confidently attribute to their work.
Tammy Lobato
Tammy Lobato
03:05 16 Jul 20
It is really hard these days to find a digital marketing agency who are as data driven as Nelson O’Neill. They focus on, and get great results through careful analysis of what has been working and what has not. On top of that, they have an incredibly friendly and personable team who pride themselves on accountability and always have the stats to back it up. We have worked with Nelson O’Neill for years, and while their company has grown, their values always stay the same. We recommend them very highly.
Chris Asher
Chris Asher
08:24 25 Feb 20
Sean and the team are very knowledgeable and transparent. Would highly recommend using them as your digital partners.
Paul Robertson
Paul Robertson
04:55 24 Feb 20
The team at Nelson O’Neill are a pleasure to deal with, both insightful and highly responsive – a great digital partner
Adam Jarski
Adam Jarski
00:29 24 Feb 20
The team at Nelson O’Neill are a pleasure to work with. Karen & Sean have great knowledge and experience with digital marketing, strategy and SEO. They have insights and relevant strategies that have helped drive more traffic and leads to our business. Highly recommended!
MIchael Risoli
MIchael Risoli
10:29 20 Jun 19
I was recommended to Nelson O’Neill by an ecommerce veteran and highly respected businessman. I had reached out to this contact after our incumbent agency was not getting any results, poor reporting and in general a very lukewarm working relationship.One of my guiding rules in anything is: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Albert Einstein). From the getgo Karen spoke to me in English, not jargon as a lot of marketers tend to. I had a 100% understanding of the ideas and concepts she was throwing at me and in turn I had full confidence in what Nelson O’Neill would deliver. Everything was crystal clear, which as a business owner is very reassuring.In a relatively short space of time our relationship has grown and Nelson O’Neill now manage pretty much all of our digital marketing and website development. They handled a huge site migration to magento brilliantly and I am convinced that had we not been working prior to the migration it would have been a complete disaster. I recently attended a large Retail Conference where a number of delegates spoke of their disasters moving to magento 2.Sales are up, traffic has more than doubled and this is just the beginning. We now have accurate data which Nelson O’Neill are using to optimise the account further and improve margins. There is still so much ahead of us at myOZeshop, and working with Nelson O’Neill I am confident we will get there faster.
Tim Knight
Tim Knight
22:27 31 May 18
Piece of mind, Professional, and Miles ahead of the rest in terms of customer service and pricing. You immediately get a sense that they truly value their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend these guys having investigated and trialled many others!
Anjelo Ratnachandra
Anjelo Ratnachandra
01:05 04 May 18
Nelson O’Neill have been working with the Children’s Cancer Foundation on a pro bono basis for almost 2 years now. Their work has made a real impact by increasing awareness of our charity, improving our understanding of our digital audience, and increasing our capacity to attract donors and fundraisers. Karen and Sean are an absolute pleasure to work with and provide a very professional service, always looking for new strategies to optimize our digital presence. We didn’t know we needed Nelson O’Neill until we understood what we they could do for us.Aileen Boyd-Squires, Chief Executive
Children's Cancer Foundation
Children’s Cancer Foundation
23:22 20 Dec 17
What I really value about Nelson O’Neill is the transparent nature in which they work, their exceptional knowledge and their passion for delivering results. They are also really good to deal with, nothing being too much trouble to help with!
Tommy Sim
Tommy Sim
10:12 09 Jul 17
The team at Nelson O’Neill have added immense value to our organisation, they’ve provided us expertise and strategic advice across all things digital, and on top of that are passionate about what they do and are an absolute pleasure to work with.
Molly Pearce
Molly Pearce
02:44 07 Jul 17

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