30 May, 2020

Childrens Cancer Foundation

While adult cancers receive a large amount of government funding and attention, childhood cancers do not receive the same focus – clinical trials and research into new treatments requires significant philanthropic funding.

When the Children’s Cancer Foundation contacted us in 2016 we knew we wanted to be part of such an important cause that’s actively changing children’s lives for the better.

Who is the Children’s Cancer Foundation?

Founded in 1992 by parents of children impacted by cancer, the Children’s Cancer Foundation works tirelessly to drive and fund clinical research, enhance clinical care and provide family support programs. Their mission is to ensure children with cancer have access to the world’s best treatment and support to save their lives.

Many of the treatments required to fight childhood cancers are extremely harsh and the side effects of treatment can impact the health and well-being of the child through adulthood. The Foundation funds research into new and kinder treatments that will provide better outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer.

The Foundation believes that children should be able to be children – taking joy in the little things like art, singing and dancing. While their focus is largely research based, they also fund hospital-based programs such as art therapy and music therapy that significantly help children cope while on their cancer journey.

The integrity of the Children’s Cancer Foundation is second to none. Their fundraising methods are efficient and ethical, and they work incredibly hard to keep their overhead costs low, ensuring that funds go where they’re really needed. Find out more. [http://childrenscancerfoundation.com.au/about-us/our-integrity]

Want to make a difference to children with cancer? It’s easy! There are so many ways you can help – by donating your time, fundraising (fun runs, events, birthdays, funerals) or by making a tax deductible donation. Get involved. [http://childrenscancerfoundation.com.au/Get-Involved]

Nelson O’Neill’s Strategy


When we first started our pro bono work with the Children’s Cancer Foundation they had just launched their new website but had no way of measuring its performance. This made it very difficult to work out the impact of marketing efforts or to understand where online donations were coming from.

They were also not yet taking advantage of Google Adwords Grants for not for profit organisations, delivering up to $10,000 per month worth of advertising spend.

After learning more about the critical assistance that the Foundation provides in the fight against childhood cancer, we happily offered our services and got to work. 

The Strategy

  • Work closely with the Foundation to understand objectives.
  • Review current Google Analytics and website tracking setups.
  • Understand the Foundation’s reporting requirements.
  • Restructure the Google Analytics installation to include in depth conversion and engagement tracking, plus Salesforce integration to track donations and fundraising.
  • Develop personalised Google Analytics dashboards and custom reporting systems.
  • Complete comprehensive market research identifying thousands of high value search terms.
  • Configure server load balancing for peak donation drive times via Cloudflare.
  • Apply for a Google Adwords Grant.
  • On being awarded the Google Adwords Grant, design and manage Google Adwords campaigns to take advantage of the grant.
  • Increase brand awareness and drive additional online donations through the website via Google Adwords.

The Impact

The Children’s Cancer Foundation now has visibility around how their website and marketing channels are performing. They have access to detailed reports and analytics dashboards to measure their marketing campaigns and online donations. This has had a huge impact on decision making and new learnings to help justify where to focus time and money.

The Foundation now has access to $10,000 per month in advertising due to Google’s Adwords Grant, to increase traffic and online donations via their website. Their website server is now able to handle traffic spikes without downtime, providing an improved experience for visitors.

Children’s Cancer Foundation Quote

“Nelson O’Neill has made a significant impact to the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s web presence. Karen and Sean were both so generous with their time and helped us greatly with understanding the importance of web content and data analytics to inform our fundraising strategy. Their work has also ensured the Foundation appears prominently on web searches. We are sincerely grateful for the support of Nelson O’Neill and love the way they work,”  Aileen Boyd-Squires , Chief Executive,  Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Author: Lauren O'Neill