10 February, 2021

Broad Match Modifier Keywords Will Cease to Exist

On Friday morning Google announced that as of July 2021, Broad Match Modifier keywords will cease to exist. This change means Broad Match Modifier keywords will now be matched to the same user searches as Phrase Match keywords. Google has found Broad Match Modifier and Phrase Match paired together often serve the same use but whilst combined, can reach a larger pool of qualified customers. This has been done in order to simplify keyword match types & further implement their understanding of user intent.

What Happens Now?

This change will commence 18th Feb, 2021 however, Google has confirmed you won’t need to take any immediate action by this date to implement these updates as the roll over will happen automatically. Their recommendation is however to now only focus on creating keywords in the new Phrase Match. Don’t worry, as always we are here to help and take care of these things for you. We will begin adjusting campaigns early on to implement this new update to ensure all campaigns are optimised once the cut off date rolls around. 

What if I’m Using Broad Match Modifier Keywords in my Campaigns?

As mentioned, the complete removal of Broad Match Modifier won’t be done until July to allow for a seamless transition for business’ to adjust. Whilst no new Broad Match Modifier keywords can be created after July, we can provide you with a little peace of mind that any pre-existing Broad Match Modifier types will still continue to serve after the cut off. 

How Will the New Phrase Match Type Work?

To implement new Phrase Match terms we will continue to treat them how we have previously treated Broad Match Modifier keywords in your campaigns as this is how we will get the most benefit out of them. The new Phrase Match type will now cover additional Broad Match Modifier traffic however, won’t compromise your word order when it is important to the meaning.

Author: Lewis Reynolds